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The Benefits of Tooway

Fast large super fast internet in Spain


High-speed satellite internet straight into your home or small business

The Tooway™ service connects your computer to the internet via a high-speed connection with the new Ka Sat Tooway satellite. Wherever you’re located Tooway™ offers you up to 18 Mbps download, 6 Mbps upload.

Tooway™ is up to 320 times faster than dial-up, and 35 times faster than many fixed line broadband (ADSL) connections. A single satellite mini-dish and a modem are all you need.

With our Tooway services, you’ll also get a UK IP address giving you access to UK websites and content.

Tooway™ is a satellite broadband solution designed from the outset for the home. It’s been extremely successful in North America with over 450,000 subscribers on the hardware.



For Everyone for everyone

Flexible rates that fit any budget

Tooway™ is designed for consumers, but it’s also suitable for home offices and small businesses with up to 5 consecutive users. The Tooway™ service is available from just £0.60p a day (inc VAT). Whether you need Tooway™ for your work or just for the family, there’s a Tooway™ package to suit you.

Tooway™ will also allow you to use free voice over IP (VoIP) services like Skype, and also take advantage of additional features like multi-channel TV and Freeview through the same dish.

We’ve also now launched our Tooway Pro services, offering the same great value you expect from Tooway, packaged for business users.

We can supply you with a wireless router as well enabling you to share the Tooway™ connection over your home for laptops and smart phones.


Everywhere everywhere – now


100% fast internet coverage across rural areas of Spain and Europe

Tooway™ is available, now, in Spain and throughout Europe. No need to wait for an expensive network to be built near your home. Tooway™ doesn’t discriminate by location, and we don’t advertise a funny headline speed and then tell you later that because of where you live you can only get half that. Your can order and pay in € Euros.

Tooway™ is ideal for properties outside the fixed line broadband footprint or that have poor broadband speed over wires.

Simple simple


Just plug it in and away you go

Getting online with Tooway™ is very simple. You’ll need a small satellite dish on the outside of your property and a simple set-top-box. You can leave it all to us and we’ll send round one of our Certified Installers who do everything for you.

You then simply plug in your PC or Mac (or share your Tooway via a router if you prefer) and away you go. You don’t need a phone line, and it’s always on just like broadband over wires.

Tooway News

New Tooway40 Package now available

To plug the gap between the Tooway25 and Tooway Extra packages, a new subscription is available offering 40Gb of usage per month. Check our Tooway Package options for more info and pricing.

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Local Installation - Better for you

Why pay huge shipping fees from the UK and struggle with self-install ???

Beware - several Tooway suppliers in the UK have become focused on box-shifting and fighting each other, in order to provide, what initially appears to be the deal of the century, but they have to make profit and savings from somewhere and this is inevitably at the customer’s expense - either through ridiculous shipping costs, and/or through poor quality technical support from helpdesks with high staff turnover and limited knowledge to support you in the best possible way.
We believe that you deserve a reliable system/service and getting an experienced local company to install your system is the best way to achieve that. We choose our suppliers carefully and we know that the Tooway distributor we work with, will ensure that you get great service and support when you need it.